Sandhya Jha

This workshop will open up a dialogue towards how local churches can partner with other justice minded organizations to create change at the local level, particularly in neighborhood communities.

About Sandhya: Sandhya Jha serves as founder and director of the Oakland Peace Center, a collective of 40 organizations creating access, equity and dignity for all in Oakland and the Bay Area. (Friday)

Don Dewey

Is your church stuck? Address problems creatively. Try new things. Be open to pivoting rather than continuing or failing. Innovation leads to new possibilities. Collaboration brings energy and empowerment. Come bring you ideas, experiences, and questions.

About Don Dewey: Don currently serves as the Co-Regional Minister/President of the Pacific Southwest Region of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) along with his wife Susan Gonzales Dewey). (Saturday).

Mark Johnston

His workshop will open up the discussion as to why being an Open & Affirming Congregation is a lifesaving ministry and will share practical tools that can guide any congregation – from conservative to progressive – to yet more welcome and affirmation.

About Mark Johnston: Rev. Mark P. Johnston PhD is the Executive Director of the Open and & Affirming Ministry Program Disciples LGBTQ+ Alliance. (Friday and Saturday)

Allen Harris

In this workshop we will discuss what it takes to lead existing congregations
through successful transformation and renewal; share evaluative tools and perspectives to assess the potential for a congregation to be fully transformed and to adequately retool itself for future ministry; explore various paths for renewing and re-imagining ministry, and understand the ramifications for congregations that cannot ultimately be transformed, moving into this often frightening future with abiding grace, deep faithfulness, and genuine consensus.
About Allen Harris: The Rev. Allen V. Harris serves as the Regional Minister for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Capital Area Region.  (Friday and Saturday)

Jessica Barron

The Urban Church Imagined by Dr. Jessica Barron examines the ways in which race, class, gender, and consumption intersect with spatial context to shape the racialized experiences of members within a diverse religious organization. Dr. Barron will unpack the key ideas in her book and open up a dialogue about her work’s implications in local urban congregations.


About Jessica Barron PhD: Dr. Jessica Barron is a trained sociologist and demographer. Her body of research addresses questions concerning how large scale demographic shifts shape the way we measure, theorize and understand issues of racial inequality, inclusion, and stratification across the United States. Currently, Dr. Barron is a research scientist and consultant at Frontline Solutions, a social equity consulting firm based in Washington DC. (Friday)

Jose Martinez

In his book, Creating a Missional Culture, JR Woodward puts forth a model of
leadership called “Polycentric Leadership” as the path of leadership for the church today that utilizes the Five Fold Ministry Model or APEST. This seminar provides a pathway by which congregations can go from a mono-cultural to poly-cultural community.

About Jose Martinez: Jose Martinez is a member of the New Church committee for the Christian Churches (Disciples of Christ) of Greater Kansas City Region.  He has coached planters in the Kansas City area on innovative missional expressions.  Currently he is pastoring at Broadway Church in KCMO and serves as a chaplain in the Air National Guard and Truman Medical Center.  (Friday and Saturday)

Terrell McTyer

Workshop One: What Would a Church Planter Do?: A New Church Approach to Evangelism
Church planters are passionate, innovative, entrepreneurial risk-takers. Even if you are not be called to start a church from scratch, the methods and madness of planting can help you transform and revitalize your ministry. Embrace new and different ways to change your community,  your church and yourself.

Workshop Two: Return to “Why” – Reassessing and Reapplying your Values and Beliefs

Values are a part of us. They highlight what we stand for. They can represent the unique, individual essence of your church. It’s never too late to visioneer a new path in an effort to return to your first love and rediscover the vitality of your original calling. Join us on a journey of deep discernment and redirection towards divine destination.  

Paula Stone Williams

This workshop will open up a dialogue about the inclusion, affirmation, and empowerment of transgender persons within the local church, brought to you by one of the most influential transgender Christians currently doing ministry today.

About Paula Stone Williams: For 35 years Paula worked with the Orchard Group, a church planting ministry in New York. For most of that time she was Chairman and CEO. For 12 years she served as a weekly columnist and Editor-At-Large for Christian Standard magazine. She was also a teaching pastor for two megachurches. Those responsibilities ended when she transitioned to live as Paula. Now, in partnership with a number of likeminded churches, Paula is co-pastoring a new church plant Longmont, CO called Left Hand Community Church (Saturday)

Brandan Robertson

Rhythms of Contemplative Activism: This workshop discusses how to prevent burnout and promote longevity in spiritually rooted activism. (Saturday)

About Brandan Robertson: Brandan is the Lead Pastor of Missiongathering San Diego – where the Revive Conference is being held – and the author of Nomad: A Spirituality For Travelling Light (DLT Books, 2016), True Inclusion: Becoming Communities That Embrace All (Chalice Press, 2017), and the editor of Our Witness: The Unheard Stories of LGBT+ Christians (Cascade Books, 2018). (Friday

Science Mike McHargue

This workshop is titled “Crossing the Gap” and will explore understanding how Millennials and Post-millennials view the world.


About Mike McHargue: Known best for his work on the “Ask Science Mike” podcast and “The Liturgists” podcast, as well as his best-selling recent book, “Finding God in the Waves”, Mike McHargue, better known as Science Mike, is an internationally in-demand speaker and thinker, working in the tension between the sacred and the secular.

Melissa Greene

This workshop will explore how changing views of God, Jesus, and humanity should shift our gatherings, services, and liturgies.  


I will share a little of my journey from conservative evangelical music artist to a progressive pastor, leader, and curator.  I will also offer a challenge to the context and intentionality of the services that many of you are leading and crafting.  


About Melissa Greene: Melissa is a speaker, singer, curator, pastor and writer. The first ten years of her professional ministry were spent traveling as an artist; seven of those years she sang as part of the contemporary Christian music group, Avalon. In 2009 Melissa resigned from touring and was hired at Gracepointe Church, a progressive Christian community in Franklin, TN. Melissa worked as the Arts and later the Associate Pastor for 8 years at Gracepointe. As the Hope Curator for Timothy’s Gift (a prison outreach), Melissa produces Concert Tours with other artists designed to entertain and uplift those in maximum security prisons. Melissa is also now the Cofounder of Imaginarium Community, a fresh expression of a spiritual community in Nashville. 

Erin Cash

This workshop is titled Sistering Each Other: Reviving Women’s Ministries. It will be a collaborative time of sharing stories, learning from one another, and discovering fresh ideas to breathe new life into women’s ministry in the local congregation.


About Erin Cash: Rev. Erin Cash has served as Director of Admissions at Lexington Theological Seminary since October 2011.  She is a graduate of Candler School of Theology at Emory University in Atlanta, GA.  Ordained in 2006, Erin enjoys the opportunities she has to serve in pulpit supply, interim work, guest lectures, and as a lay leader in her own congregation.

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