Who We Are?

We exist to be a committed community of Christ followers dedicated to growing in faith, living whole lives, and seeking justice for the good of our neighbors


Here’s the deal, Missiongathering Christian Church (DOC) cares about one thing more than anything else, Jesus Christ. Missiongathering is a family of individuals that have found hope, love, and imagination in the message of Jesus, and simply want as many people as possible to experience that exact same freedom and healing.

Join Us Sundays


Missiongathering Thornton

12060 Jasmine St

Thornton, CO 80602


What To Expect

We are a community of people with a wide range of beliefs. The one thing that unites us is our commitment to learning from and following Jesus Christ. Other than that, we invite you to join in on the robust discussion about what each of us believes and how that helps us to live more healthy, whole lives in the world. All of that to say: no one is forced to believe anything to be a part of our community.

**Gatherings are typically 70-90 minutes.

Our Community Offerings

  • Little Villagers – Children’s Ministry
  • Sacred Grounds – Fresh Coffee & Treats before each Gathering
  • Community – Amazing Group of Loving People
  • Gatherings – Relevant & Valuable Teachings
  • mgWorship – Great Current Worship Music

Meet the Planter

The Story

In the summer of 2017, Loren felt a stirring to create something new. He wasn’t sure what it was, or what it would look like, but he felt God was pushing him to do something fresh. Another motivating factor was his two children, a daughter, and son, for whom he wanted an inclusive, welcoming faith community for them to be a part of as they grew. Seeking to create a welcoming faith community, with a  modern worship style within a progressive understanding of Christianity, Loren began working with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), a Christian network of church in the United States and Missiongathering Movement, a church planting movement within the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) to bring Missiongathering Christian Church Thornton to fruition.

With the help of Rich McCullen, Lead Visionary of the Missiongathering Movement, and Joan-Bell Haynes, Regional Minister of the Central Rocky Mountain Region Disciples of Christ, Loren is excited to bring the welcoming, inclusive message of God’s love and acceptance to the Thornton area of the northeast Denver Metro and Loren is passionate about sharing the good news that in Jesus, God’s love is revealed to all people and that in following the way of Jesus, we find a life of ultimate meaning and purpose. Along with his wife, Corinna, and children, Lexi and Jaxson, Loren is proud to call the community of Thornton his home also.

Vision – Mission – Values

Our Vision

We exist to be a committed community of followers of Jesus dedicated to growing in faith, living whole lives, and seeking justice for the good of our world.

Our Mission

Inspiring Hope + Illuminating Love + Imagining Faith

Our Mission

  • Justice – We believe justice is what love looks like in public.
  • Inclusivity – We believe God’s table has a place set for everyone.
  • Grace –   We believe in restoration and reconciliation through unconditional forgiveness.
  • Faith – We act with the faith that we can make this world look a little more like the Kingdom of Heaven.
  • Transformation – We believe in moving towards wholeness in a fragmented society.
  • Courage – We risk the vulnerability of being real with each other and the world

Pastor’s Q&A

Q: What do you mean by “Progressive Christianity?”

A: We seek to follow the way of Jesus as exemplified in the Bible, along with a willingness to re-imagine tradition, accept the diversity of humanity, emphasize social justice, and caring for God’s creation.

Q:  Does your church really accept all people?

A: We are a church that believes God’s love and welcome have no limits, and that includes people of LGBTQ+ status. We welcome and affirm all people as being made in God’s image.

Q: Do you believe the Bible is relevant for today?

A: For centuries the Scriptures have provided meaning and direction for humanity, and we believe that Bible gives insightful truths and the Bible is very relevant for us today.

Q: Why do you practice the sacrament of Communion/Eucharist/The Lord’s Supper weekly?

A: We believe that Communion/Eucharist/The Lord’s Supper is a sign and symbol of the grace of God revealed in Jesus, and in receiving it weekly, we are repeatedly reminded of that grace.

Q: Who is allowed to participate in Holy Communion?

A: We believe that there’s plenty of room at God’s table and church, therefore we invite all to participate this amazing time known as Communion.

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