Megan Donor

Ministry Intern


Megan is a current student at the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, working towards her Masters of Divinity degree. She hales from Oklahoma- the land of unpredictable weather, sweet tea, and neighborly love. If she isn’t in the middle of studying, you will find her exploring a new area in the PNW, crafting something fun, or sharing a meal with friends. Her dream is to work in preventing human trafficking through the church because the impossible task of defeating hellacious abuse can only be undertaken in conjunction with a power greater than humans can muster on their own. This is where her passion for Jesus and his ability to turn everything and everyone upside down for the sake of love and justice come into play. She is excited to be partnering with the community at Missiongathering Issaquah, to learn from your stories, your passions, and be in community with you as we journey this world together breaking bread, praying, and living out the call of the Gospel.