Who We Are

We are a Progressive Church Planting Movement of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) that exists to be a committed community of Christ followers dedicated to growing in faith, living whole lives, and seeking justice for the good of our neighbors.

We are an inclusive church that is committed to being LGBTQ-affirming and anti-racist. No matter who are, what you believe, or who you love, you are welcome here. We are all in process and learning, so we need each other and each other’s perspective.

Join Us on Sundays

@ 10:30 am

789 North Altadena Dr.

Pasadena CA 91107



What to Expect on Sundays

Our Sunday gatherings feature a time for singing, scripture reading, teaching, teaching, communion, and open sharing. We hope you feel welcome to fully participate as much as you would like.

We offer communion at every service to those who feel comfortable receiving. Every person is always invited to the table, regardless of belief, gender, race, economic status, or sexual orientation.

**Mask Update: In order to be in compliance with the latest LA County mask mandate, we are asking everyone to wear a mask while indoors at our church, even if you are vaccinated. As for now, we will continue to meet in the sanctuary, but will continue to assess what is best for our congregation going forward.

Irenic Projects

Irenic Projects is an arts initiative at Missiongathering Pasadena. Led by Artist-in-Residence, Gregory Michael Hernandez, Irenic Projects seeks to create space at the intersection of Christianity and art. The worlds of faith and beauty are interwoven and benefit from dialogue. Irenic Projects oversees various artists who have studios on the church property and our Exhibition Program. Our current show is “Light Works” by Sheila Pinkel and is open through September 5th. If you are interested in collaborating, hosting a arts based events, or learning more about Irenic Projects, please reach out at pasadena@missiongathering.com.

To see more about Irenic Projects, visit https://missiongathering.com/pasadena/irenic-projects-art-gallery/

Karl Baker - Teaching Pastor

Pastor Karl has called many places home, but he and his family settled in Pasadena at the start of 2021. Karl, his wife, Melanie, and their two sons, Brazos and Murray, consider it an honor to be part of the Missiongathering Movement. After having experiences in various church traditions, Karl is delighted to be part of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and is in the process of working toward ordination within the denomination.
Karl is a graduate of Baylor’s Truett Seminary, Moody Theological Seminary, and the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. He is passionate about the church being a place of honesty, curiosity, and beauty as well as a source of justice, hope, and change for the community. Karl is a lifelong learner and loves being part of shaping the culture and direction of Missiongathering Pasadena through preaching, pastoring, and building partnerships in the area.

Rich McCullen - Planting Pastor

Rev. Richard McCullen started Missiongathering Christian Church (DOC) San Diego California in 2001. Now, from his vision and dreams, there are progressive communities of faith all throughout the United States that welcome and inspire people from all walks of life. Missiongathering San Diego, Charlotte North Carolina, Issaquah Washington, and now Pasadena California, were born out of Rich McCullen’s vision to see church communities that truly welcome and affirm everyone. Rev. Richard McCullen is ordained of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

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    As progressives, we take the Christian tradition seriously, while also embracing science, reason, history, and different perspectives on ultimate truth. We are committed to embracing our doubts, asking questions, and allowing our beliefs to evolve and grow as the wild winds of the Spirit leads us deeper into an encounter with God. We also believe that our faith calls us to action, bringing about justice and equity in our world for everyone.


    We believe that in our diversity we best reflect God’s creativity, so we celebrate and embrace folks of all ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, socio-economic status, political affiliations, and religious beliefs. We seek to come together every week in humility and love to learn from and support one another’s differences in perspectives, beliefs, and experiences.



    We are committed to following the teachings and example of Jesus Christ in every aspect of our lives. Our church belongs to a denomination called The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). As Disciples of Christ, we join together to form a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world. As part of the one Body of Christ, we welcome all to the Lord’s Table as God has welcomed us.



    Progressive Inclusive Christian


    We exist to be a growing community of followers of Jesus dedicated to growing in faith, living whole lives, and seeking justice for the good of our world.


    Justice, Inclusivity Grace, Faith, Transformation, Courage