• The Missiongathering Movement is confident through its experience in emerging progressive Christian congregational ministry, that as the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) have the right message at the right time; A movement for wholeness in a fragmented world. As part of the one body of Christ, we welcome ALL to the Lord’s Table as God has welcomed us.
  • That the Christian Church (The Disciples Christ) churches; new or established can and should have the most compelling message for effective evangelism for today’s seeker. That we must proclaim the message of the good news of the Gospels in creative and sustainable practices
  • There are so many “homeless” and disillusioned Christians that are searching for such a denomination/movement as the Christian Church Disciples of Christ.
  • The DOC is not just to survive in the post-Christian era that we now find ourselves in; we can thrive as a denomination. To do so, the DOC must plant and revitalize our urban churches, to become hubs of missional work for the kingdom of God
  • Reaching out to the “New Spiritual Refugees” —  the intergenerational diverse urban dwellers, that are extremely tech-savvy, with online connections, but yet who are so desperately searching for authentic communities that practice an open way of spiritual transformation which leads to acts of justice and reconciliation.
  • Our Regional Churches can be the agents of change for the DOC by being locally focused and regionally equipped to plant new DOC attractional-missional communities of faith or intentionally revitalizing our existing congregations to become organically effective ministries in the urban hearts of their regions.

Our Services


  • Many of our urban centers in regions around the USA and Canada have been abandoned by the mainline churches. The Missiongathering Movement believes that the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is uniquely adept at bringing the movement of wholeness in the world to urban centers in your regions.
  • The Missiongathering Movement, as one of the fastest growing urban church planters and revitalizations within the Disciples of Christ wants to replanting/revitalize with doing a Missiongathering Christian Church in your region. We offer packages that will get your under utilized and empty properties breathing life into growing urban missional communities. With a dedicated replanting team who will provide both a network of other Missiongathering church leaders and boots on the ground leadership from Planting Pastor Richard McCullen. New Missiongathering Churches will grow your region by bringing in new “disciples” into the church
  • By analyzing the neighborhood of each plant our team will create a new church community that speaks to and meets the needs of the wide demographics found in urban areas. Missional community engagement is one of the keys to success in any church plant. Missiongathering Churches are composed of people from all walks of life. Our congregational demographics are intergenerational, comprised of varying socioeconomic and racial backgrounds. By focusing on being a church of preaching the Gospel and living it out through direct actions within the community we are able to attract many people who have never heard of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) many of whom had given up on Church.
  • Each of Church plants has found creative methods for helping to finance their missional activity. This allows the planters to focus on growing the congregation while still being fiscally responsible. Each urban center has many exciting and different opportunities for your region’s Missiongathering to be self sustaining if you know where to look. What do you have to lose? With investment from your region you can have a Missiongathering Church that is vibrant and growing within the first few months of being planted. You can be assured with our creative funding strategies that each new Missiongathering will be well on their way to fiscal independence within the first 20 months of being started. Each new plant will also be held in trust with their region meaning that your time and investment is secured for the future. If you think that you might have a city that needs a Missiongathering call or email us today!


  • Sometimes all a local Church needs to thrive is a little imagination and creativity. As experienced Church planters and church renewal consultants, the Missiongathering movement team is fully equipped to help your church or churches in your region see their ministry with new eyes. Our dedicated team is waiting for your call or email to bring new life or increase existing vibrancy to churches ready to reach a generation that needs us now more than ever.
  • Planting Pastor Rich McCullen with his years of experience and team of creative church consultants/planters will enable your existing congregations to create a new birthing of long established communities to stop the tide of aging and shrinking that many of our faithful churches have been experiencing.
  • Our Missional action oriented strategies are proven to reach people who had previously not attended any church on a regular basis. Rather than poaching from other denominations or congregations across town or reimagining process helps your local church create new “Disciples”
  • More than a simple rebranding this process will take your existing congregation and transform it into what it always had the potential to be. By updating marketing, branding, and worship while staying faithful to the rich heritage and traditions of both the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the local congregation. These Churches would  become a part of the Missiongathering network which enables your congregation to continue under their original moniker with reimagining who they will become as a missional  intentional congregation.
  • Your community faith will benefit in being connected in a cohort of like-minded DOC Pastors and lay leadership across the country. Being able to participate in live seminars discussing strategies that are working and learning from each other. As a Regional Minister or local Pastor you know how isolating a life of ministry can be for both pastors and lay leadership. Missiongathering Movement DOC wants to help us bring in and retain all of the talent possible. If you know of a church in your region or you are a local Pastor in need of reimagining your faithful work please give us a call or email.


  • Sometimes a faithful congregation can be in the same place for so long that the neighborhood and people around them seem to have changed completely.  Many of our local churches have been told that their only hope is to sell their building and be absorbed into other Disciples of Christ congregations in the area. At Missiongathering we want to help repair the ship not just offer life rafts. By selecting the rebooting process a local existing congregation  are deciding not  to give up the call that God placed on your church’s leaders so many years ago. We are prepared and ready to reboot your existing congregation into a Missiongathering Church!! Through congregational renewal initiatives and meetings we will dream and visioncast a strategy that lovingly respects the faithful work of all those who have come before us and embraces a future where new families and persons can benefit from all of the hard work and devotion of previous members.
  • A reboot transforms a declining church into a missional action oriented ascent. Our team will help guide the existing congregation in the formation of a new roll out package that blends the character and heart of the past, with new life that can reach the spiritually seeking homeless Christians of today.
  • By choosing the reboot process your pastor and lay leadership will undergo training on how to make your church inviting to new attendees. You will learn how God is not done with the work that your church’s leadership have put so many years into. Together we will learn how to serve the surrounding community, while also creating organic exposure of the church to the larger community. We also create together a strategy that will assure the church can remain funded while rebuilding a community of faithful sustainers.


  • Are you a Pastor or Lay Leader in a local Disciples of Christ church? Are you trying to faithfully serve your congregation and community but simply looking for like minded people who will dream with you as you look towards the future? The Missiongathering Movement is here to provide you with just that.
  • The Renew package is focused helping to give your already existing ministry a jumpstart on being able to serve the current generation and beyond without leaving your faithful congregations behind.
  • Planting Pastor Rich McCullen and his team of dreamers and thinkers are waiting to come to your local church. Providing pastoral and congregational training on the importance of everything from social media presence, with ways to update worship as a means of attracting people without a church family. Working in various forms from weekend retreats to week long strategy sessions. We can custom tailor our package to your needs.
  • So if you feel like your church has been just coasting for too long and you want to begin thriving again give us a call or email us. You are not alone and God has wonderful and exciting things planned for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). We are here to help you be faithful to the good work that you have already begun.
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