Our mission is to GO to where needs exist in the areas of homeless and youth, LOVE people
where they are, showing them the love of Christ and CONNECT them with ourselves, resources,
other non-profits and with God.

Rich McCullen - Founding Pastor

Our Collective Causes

God is providing us opportunities to partner with some very stellar life-changing organizations.

Life Connections

Life Connections of the Carolinas’ mission is to create the conditions for all individuals, families, and communities to strengthen themselves.

The Life Space

The LIFE Space is the beating heart of Vision Possible Ministries. As we believe that Love Is For Everyone, we created a place for people from all over to come together as a community. The LIFE Space is a community center where people from all walks of life can come together and connect. We strive to break down barriers that divide and separate and create an environment of unity.

Watchmen of the Streets

Watchmen of the Streets is a Christian Non-Profit Organization founded in 2009 that now consists of over 50 faithful volunteers serving in the areas of homeless & youth both locally and abroad.
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