Who We Are

Missiongathering Issaquah strives to be a community that welcomes and affirms all whom we encounter, regardless of race, ethnicity, class, gender identity, or sexual orientation. We intend to fully honor and celebrate the diversity of God’s creation. We work to bring about the love and justice that God calls us to through the example of Jesus’ compassion and activism

Join Us Sunday’s @ 10:30am

At YWCA Family Village In Issaquah

Meet The Planters

Brian Carr

Planting Pastor

Brian is a life-long member of the Disciples of Christ and was ordained through them in 2015. Initially believing that he would have a career in education, Brian received his Bachelors of Education in 2011. However, Brian felt called to ministry and enrolled in seminary that year, receiving his Masters of Divinity in 2015. After spending two years workings as a chaplain, Brian took another leap of faith when he decided to work with Missiongathering and plant a church in Issaquah, WA. Since then, Brian has dedicated his time and energy to creating a welcoming and affirming church that reflects the true diversity and justice of the Kingdom of God – and that church is Missiongathering Issaquah!

Brian Carr
Brian Carr
Issaquah Campus Pastor

Brianna Eigner

Community Director

“Brianna is a devoted community builder, organizer, and activist in the Issaquah Highlands. She’s the mother of two beautiful daughters, whom she’s been raising as a single parent. She saw the value of raising her daughters in this community eleven years ago as she began building her career with the Issaquah Highlands Council. Her passion and devotion to this community can be seen through her deep involvement with the many events she has been a crucial part of planning to uplift and enrich those who live here.

Her spiritual journey began as a child growing up in the faith of her parents. As she grew older, Brianna discovered that traditional churches didn’t fit with her deep spirituality. The Missiongathering church is exactly what she had been seeking and she is excited to step into this role to utilize her vast expertise along with furthering the church’s mission in Issaquah.”

Collective Causes

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