Who We Are

Missiongathering Issaquah strives to be a community that welcomes and affirms all whom we encounter, and to fully celebrate the diversity of God’s creation. We work to bring about the love and justice that God calls us to through the example of Jesus’ compassion and activism.  

What We Do

Our mission is to commit to the work of imagining faith, inspiring hope, and illuminating love.

What We Stand For

  • Justice – Advocating on behalf of the marginalized and oppressed. Justice is what love looks like in public.

  • Inclusivity – Intentionally empowering all perspectives and inviting all to fully participate. God’s table has a place set for everyone.

  • Grace – Offering restoration and reconciliation through unconditional forgiveness.

  • Faith – Hope and belief that we can make this world look more like the Kingdom of Heaven.

  • Transformation – Moving toward wholeness in a fragmented world.

  • Courage – Risking the vulnerability of being real with each other and the outside world.

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