Who We Are

MG Creative Studio is a Digital Creative Studio that offers it services exclusively to Non-Profits. Our Mission is to offer services to a vertical market that in the past has always been behind the curve on the Digital Market. Because today the world fights for attention not through Personal Contact, but through The Stock Market of Attention. We believe it is Our Mission to offer these services to those that maybe can’t afford to keep up with this every evolving Digital World. 86% of People will look for your Organization through Social Media or the Internet before every engaging you personally. Let us help you make that first impression a lasting one.   ***70% of All Profits Made By MG Creative Studio Goes Back Into Other Non-Profits 

What We Offer

The Basics

We will completely update your site, help you start to understand the digital analytics, and really start to gain the traffic that you are seeking to get to. Below we have itemized everything included in this package.

  • 5-7 Pages of Fully Customized Responsive WordPress Designs
  • Slider Revolution with Your Own Photos and Ideas
  • JotForms for Volunteer Sign-ups, Small Groups, and Pretty Much Anything Else You Can Think Of.
  • 30 Days of Real-Time Support – Monthly Packages Available for On-Going Support
  • Google Analytics – Understand who is visiting your site and how to interact with them
  • Professional Design, Development, and Delivery Service for Your Non-Profit’s Website
$800 - $1000 One-Time Fee
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The Works

Along with everything that comes with the Basics package, with the works we will build multi location sites, separate websites for different outreaches, mapping of any and all URLs needed to get your visitors where they need to go.

  • 15+ Pages with Customized Landing and Multiple URL Mapping
  • Slider Revolution with Your Own Photos and Ideas, as well as Social Media Integration
  • Unlimited JotForms for Any and Everything Your Doing in Your Outreach
  • Custom Cyfe Dashboard and Google Analytics Integration for Real Time Analytics
  • 60 Days of Real-Time Support – Monthly Packages Available for On-Going Support
  • Professional Design, Development, and Delivery Service for Your Non-Profit’s Website
$1200 - $1800 One-Time Fee
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The Social Club

In Today’s day and age, social media has become the marketplace for gaining the World’s attention. Daily organizations like yourself compete for this Attention on so many different platforms. This can be extremely difficult to keep up with, as technology evolves quicker than we can figure it out how to use it right. Let us help you, we are experts in this field, and will guide you to being an expert yourself.

  • Creation of Administrative Dashboards for All Platforms
  • We Will Build Your Audience Targets, so Your Post Doesn’t Go without Reaching Those You are Looking to Reach
  • We will Train You or a Staff Member to Manage All Aspects of Your Social Media Presence
  • 5 Unique Campaign Structures for Page Advertisement Per Platform
  • 30-Days of On-Boarding Support – Monthly Management Rates Available
$200 - $500
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The Numbers Team

Understanding this Digital World can be really hard. That’s where we can come in to help. Let’s us show you where to gain the most followers, build the most effective campaign, and make the most out of the presence amount of financial support you currently have

  • We will build Dashboard for Real-Time Understanding of Where You Are Digitally
  • Predictive Analytics of How Your Advertising Efforts Will Pan Out
  • Comprehensive Reporting to Help Continue Your Digital Mission
  • Let Us Help You Continue To Grow Your Mission By Understanding The Opportunities in Today’s Market Place
  • Quality Assurance Reviews of All Digital Content
$150 - $300 Monthly
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The Social Team

We Are Your Social Team. We will manage all aspects of your Social Media Presence, of course at your direction. We are pretty much your employee, we will consult you in what we are seeing in the marketplace, and give action plans of what we think your next move should be.

  • Management of Your Social Platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • 30 Days of Unlimited Support and Post, Just As We Get to Know Each Other
  • We have Different Package Levels, Depending on The Amount of Post You Are Looking To Market Monthly.
  • Weekly Reports on Performance of Each Social Site
  • Real-Time Performance Analytics Dashboard
$250 - 500 Monthly
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The Digital Team

Exactly Like It Sounds! We will any and all aspects of your Digital Efforts. We offer 24-7 Support on everything digital. In today’s market most non-profit’s can’t afford to hire a digital and technical personel, thus causing them to miss out on opportunities to grow their mission. This is why we created a Creative Studio specific for Non-Profit and Religious Organizations, we won’t to offer services to those that are changing the World.

  • We will manage all of your Digital Properties. (i.e. Websites, Social Media, etc.)
  • A Team that’s Sole Mission is to Help You Grow Your Mission
  • 24-7 Support on Everything
  • Development and Updating of All Necessary Software Systems
  • Real-Time Analytics and Reporting Weekly to Understand and Grow Your Digital Presence
$500 - $2000 Monthly
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Missions We Support

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