Roots is our membership on boarding class. In roots we dive into the history of our denomination and the history of Missiongathering. We learn how to be a part of the dynamic culture of love, service to others, and giving that make Missiongathering a place you truly want to belong to.  Sign up today and take the next step towards making Missiongathering a place you are proud to call home.

Supper Club

Supper clubs are a new spin on the old fashioned covered dish dinners of the past. Each month we gather at a new person’s home to share a meal with the whole congregation. Bringing a family recipe or just picking up some take out, Supper club is a time to relax enjoy your favorite beverage and fill up on good food and even better conversation. Rsvp today or simply show up you are always welcome.

Once a month newcomers and visitors are encouraged to join Pastor Andrew, his wife Jessica, and members of our leadership team for a night around the bonfire, swapping stories, sharing dreams, and getting to know each other. This relaxed environment is great way to get to know all the folks who make Missiongathering happen.


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