Missiongathering Volunteer Recognition: Emmanuel Guzman

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Emmanuel (Emme) Guzman was walking down University Avenue about 6 years ago when he first found Missiongathering Christian Church on a billboard. “I had been thinking about my life’s direction, where was I heading? Why am I here? And I looked up, saw the billboard with the words, “Are you a lost angel?” He paused to laugh, “While I knew well enough I was no angel, I knew that I had felt lost. So I said ‘Lemme check this church out.’”

Emme went on Easter Sunday, typically a day he would be working, but had the day off for the holiday. When asked on his first impression of Missiongathering, he smiles, “It was the most wonderful church experience ever. Looking back, when I think of Missiongathering, I think of a light on a hill, a lighthouse beckoning travelers to warmth and safety.”

I asked Emme what he would tell these travelers if he could about Missiongathering and Urban Street Angels, he said, “I wish people would know that Missiongathering is traveling along with them, too. That we are a welcoming, accepting community of travelers ourselves, on a journey together in search of the Divine.” Emme was born and raised in the Philippines, which he says he is thankful for. “As a gay man, our culture is accepting in spite of my upbringing in an all-boys Catholic school run by Augustinian priests.”

He recognized that interest in Missiongathering and Urban Street Angels seems to be growing, when asked what his goals were for us in the future he explained, “Missiongathering is and will always be growing, progressing, moving ever forward. I would like us to remember our roots as a small church, with many small churches scattered all throughout the country, we can be united in keeping the faith and love alive. Urban Street Angels as a ministry is growing as well, it is my dream to get as many young people off the streets, inspiring them to have hope, and to see they too have a bright future,” Emme pulls down his sunglasses and gives a wink, “That they too, have to wear shades!”


Emme currently leads volunteers in the kitchen of Missiongathering, and he’s leading the way to make the volunteer experience memorable and rewarding for the members that stop by Sacred Grounds every Sunday. Emme is also a dedicated volunteer for Urban Street Angels, preparing dinner and breakfast for our homeless youth each Tuesday and Wednesday at our MG Shelter and organizing outings each Friday night. Emme says the volunteers that stop by feel inspired and want to know how they can stay involved. “Thanks to these two men, Pastor Rich (McCullen) one with a vision, a heart of gold and a tongue on fire, the other, Eric (Lovett), with a beautiful soul aflamed with compassion for the less fortunate. I will follow them to the ends of the world, because they boldly go where few men will.”


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  1. Beautiful article Emme. I so love your heart. We are so blessed that you made MG your home. Thank you for all that you do. Love you!

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