At Missiongathering we invite the whole family to participate together in musical worship. After a few songs, we will dismiss kids from 3yrs old through 6th grade to our Worship & Wonder program.

The Nursery (Birth – 2yr) is open beginning right at 10am, so you may drop off your littlest ones before the Gathering begins.

Downstairs: 3yrs – kindergarten

Upstairs: 1st -6th grade

Children are one of God’s greatest gifts. When we welcome them into our midst we welcome the sacred. Children are important to us because they are part of today’s faith community and are tomorrow’s world changers. We honor them for what they can teach us and thank God for their innocence. God’s grace is best relayed to children through storytelling and wondering. A creative atmosphere that encourages discovering faith in a way that is real to them is a vital path to their spiritual growth.

Worship & Wonder begins with worship through song. Joyful, energetic music, as well as calm songs help engage children and connect them to God. We also tell ancient stories of faith. The art of telling stories captures the imagination and develops creativity. As the children learn, we encourage them to create in order to make the story more relevant to their life. Numerous hands on activities are provided in order to increase the learning atmosphere. As we support the children they wonder, discover, and learn more about Christ. We try not to give children too many “answers,” but instead invite them to explore and ask questions.

For info or to volunteer, contact Erika Thomas:

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