DONNA’S CORNER: Trey Pearson Pride Message

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What a great morning at Missiongathering – Christian Church. On this Pride Sunday weekend, we welcomed Trey Pearson of Everyday Sunday. Trey shared his journey at times freely letting his raw emotions come to the surface crying unashamed as if to God for the love that God has surrounded him with.

Usually I would share my reflections of the message. Today, I want to point you to the podcast which will be available soon. Take the time to hear one man’s journey from youthful yearnings to adult peace. From who he was meant to be to freely being who he really is and how God was there all along.

Listen to his message of his heart and his message from Jesus to love God and to love your neighbor as yourself. Listen to his restoration, truth, hope and love. Oh, and have a tissue handy.

We were very blessed to hear Trey sing his song, “The Spark” from Everyday Sunday. What a great song and message. I’ve shared some of the lyrics here. Thank you Trey for allowing yourself to be the person God wants you to be. You are loved here at MG. Come on back anytime.

The Spark

I set the sun for you
Built up the mountains too
Laid out the stars in the sky
Made it all for you
You know I made you

I sent my son for you
So you could be made new
Turned this world upside down
Did it all for you
Don’t you know I made you

Let me show you that
You are the Spark
That sets fire to my heart
You are loved
You are mine
I’m the one that makes you shine

I’ll show you that
You are the Spark
Take my love into the dark
Light up the world
Shine like the stars
You were made to be
Made to be the Spark

You feel like you can’t win
Because of where you’ve been
But, oh my love goes to where
The horizon ends
Don’t you know that you’re still

You are the Spark
The fire in my heart
Carry you in my arms
No matter how far
There’s no mountain
I won’t move
Whatever distance
I will find you

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