DONNA’S CORNER: Losing Your Religion “Unfair & Uncomfortable”

Welcome back Eric from his trip to our Sister Church, Missiongathering Charlotte. So cool that we were able to send a video back to MG Charlotte. Of course, they won’t see it till next week, there being a 3 hour difference and all, but our sentiments will still be the same. “Love you Missiongathering Charlotte!”

“Losing your Religion Part 4: Unfair & Uncomfortable” right here at Missiongathering San Diego. We are winding up the series by talking about it. While it may not be okay to talk about religion at the workplace, we are free to talk about it here. So, sit back, relax and follow along. I’ll be sharing some nuggets from my notes and from our southern preacher – who did not share a joke with us. Maybe we will get 2 next time.

Ever notice how sometimes we don’t say we are “Christians” but we will say “Followers of Jesus” or something similar. Sometimes Christianity has a rough image. Here at MG, we are very inclusive and Evangelical. It doesn’t matter what religion you practice or who you are, everyone is welcome.

Remember last week when we talked about the 8 Commandments and we realized that none of us have actually keep them all. (Check out my recap from last week.) We all fall short and fall into that gap of being at odds with God.

God sent his Son to die for all our sins. Other religions say to try harder. The law is powerless. Christ did what the law couldn’t.

The message of Christianity seems very unfair and uncomfortable. And our emotions get involved and we think that unfair + uncomfortable = untrue. Emotionally thinking of Jesus on the cross is uncomfortable.

If we allow the idea of being unfair or uncomfortable equate to untrue then we have abandoned rationality and the lens in which we view and experience the rest of the world. How fair is Christianity if it leaves people out? What happens if fair and comfortable is true? The message that is absolutely fair and comfortable – that doesn’t emotionally fit, could it really be true?

All we know is imperfect people and that is normal.

Ever hear that still small voice inside telling you to do something? Maybe you are sitting on a bus and you hear a voice saying “get up” when an elderly person walks by. Maybe something similar has happened to you. Could that be the thumbprint of God? If we intentionally do something bad or in the previous case, nothing at all, it is not a mistake? It is sin.

In a fair system, if you mess up, you pay. If I mess up, I want grace, mercy and forgiveness. We expect God to send a fair solution into an unfair / uncomfortable world.

God is not a God we can pull out from time to time. God is not a “2 hour on a Sunday” God.

We jumped to Romans 5:6-8 and broke it down. God went far beyond what is fair. Jesus died for all of us who were far from God (ungodly), powerless and weak.

Christianity is the most fair and most comfortable system possible in an unfair and uncomfortable / broken world.

Everybody gets in the same way. We can’t “good” our way to God.
What is the requirement that everyone can meet? Faith. That’s the door and that’s the message. Everyone is welcome and everyone gets in the same way.

Other systems of religion want you to do better next time. Here we have grace and mercy as Jesus died on the cross for the sins of the world. That’s as fair and as comfortable that it could be.

What happens when emotionally we don’t get it. Well then we figure it isn’t fair, it isn’t comfortable.
Remember 1) Something can be unfair / uncomfortable and be absolutely true. 2) God sent his Son that was uncomfortable / unfair because he loves you.

Not as we think it may be fair or comfortable, but is it true?
What the law was powerless to do – God did on our behalf.

It may not be fair or comfortable but could it be absolutely TRUE.

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