DONNA’S CORNER: Losing Your Religion “Just In Case”

Losing Your Religion
Just in Case
Is that why some folks go to church on Christmas and Easter?
Just in Case
What is Religion?
It looks different to everyone
It can judge
Or be Hypocritical
We are all searching…
Questions and searching led me and perhaps a lot of you to Missiongathering – Christian Church. This morning, Eric continued with part two of “Losing Your Religion – Just in Case”. I’m typing and sharing from my notes. For the full sermon and corny joke, check out the podcast on the church website.
We talked about Paul again starting in Acts 17:16-34. Acts was written by Luke and most of it is about Apostle Paul (after his conversion) and his journey to spread the message of Jesus to the Gentiles. Paul traveled and found people with idols, lots of them, little “g’s” little gods, one for everything they can think of and another for “just in case” they forgot something.
So here comes Paul bringing new ideas. “Here is a God. Not another little g for your collection, but a God. Jesus is not an add on, Jesus is the answer.”
I repeat.
Jesus is not an add on, Jesus is the answer.
I could stop typing right there, but I will continue.
God doesn’t live in the Temples built by human hands. God doesn’t need our stuff. Rather (vs 25) God gives everyone life and breath and everything else.
Repent – change your mind. Return to God.
Religion has done some mean things. Things like divorce, what to wear, what to sing, who to marry. Peel that away. You haven’t been wrong just incomplete.
God has reached back to us in the person of Jesus.
“God wants to be known and made himself known through the person of Christ and is offering it to all religions and walks of life.”
“He is the Lord of life, and death – he is not an add on but the answer in this person!”
Jesus, the person God used to touch humanity.
Get rid of all the junk about Christianity and focus on Jesus. He is the answer to all our questions.
“When you focus on Jesus the questions you have about religion will still remain but perhaps the ones you have about God will begin to change.”
Jesus didn’t come to be another religious option but the answer to the questions that were being asked for generations – no more wondering or wandering! Not a Just In Case.”

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