DONNA’S CORNER: “Famous Last Words” My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?



Rich was back!
Dad was home!
All is well with the Mothership.
It was a great day to be at Missiongathering – Christian Church this morning. We were blessed to see Pastor and founder, Richard once again. Rich has been busy sharing the movement of MG on the east coast. We got to hear all about it, from that sliver of Light 8 years ago to what is now Missiongathering Charlotte.
Whew, now you can take a break Rich.
Yeah, right.
More like what city is next? Seattle? Yup. Minneapolis? Yup.
Can’t you just see God smiling and shouting “Do It Rich! Do It Rich!”? Yup, I can.
You got this my friend. With God’s help, this movement of grace will keep right on rolling. It will never stop. Wahoo!
And where does that leave us? God has provided us with the likes of Eric who has accepted the reins as our Lead Pastor. We are in good hands, well, probably without a parachute, but in good hands. (big grin here).
Will we miss Rich as he travels the country. You bet, and that is okay. I am personally looking forward to hearing about all the souls who can finally “come home” to a place, a gathering, where they are welcomed and loved just the way they are. And those aren’t just words. Those are fact.
On with today.
We acknowledged our very own Emmanuel who volunteers 30 – 40 hours a week at church. If he isn’t in the kitchen, he is with Street Angels in Ocean Beach or helping with the shelter or doing something for MG. Emme is amazing. I love working in the kitchen with him. He is one of the most kind souls you will ever come across. Always giving of himself to help others. Thank you Emme for who you are and for all that you do for all of us.
Now about that sermon…
I took a bunch of notes and I’ll share some of that here. To get the full sermon, including Rich mimicking Eric’s accent, check out the podcast on the MG website.
It’s Palm Sunday.
Who was Jesus?
Jesus was God in the flesh. Humanity and Divinity all wrapped into one.
God in the flesh, Jesus, wanted to show the disciples that anything was possible. Remember Jesus’ first miracle? Turning water into wine? It was Jesus in his humanity tapping into his divinity. Remember Peter’s attempt at getting out of the boat? He did it, then “stuff” got in the way like how big the waves were. Stuff happens, life happens and the divinity in Jesus reached out to the humanity and saved him.
Who was on the cross?
The humanity side of God was screaming out to the divinity side of God and the divinity side of God won.
God on the cross bringing humanity back to himself.
“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” said Jesus quoting a prayer of the Jewish people. (Psalm 22:1-5). God was bringing it home for the Jews. Go deep – God will rescue you. Cry out to God and tap into God’s love.
If Jesus was God on the cross, humanity and divinity in one, than could it be that on the cross, humanity and divinity was wrestling with itself and for the souls of the world?
Lots of good theology was shared today. Did Rich show you another way to look at the cross? Did it open your eyes?
Afterwards, we were invited to lay hands on Pastor Eric as he takes the lead role in MG San Diego. Then we gathered again and laid hands on Pastor Rich as he takes off to keep this movement of MG going throughout the nation. What a touching few moments that was.
Does that mean Rich is gone for good? Nope, not by a long shot. No, Rich will be keeping an eye on us like he has all along. Yes, that means we have to behave or Dad will hear about it. And, he will, as much as possible, be stopping in to share the Word. So while Rich is off planting MG churches, what are we to do? How can we support him and help in the movement of grace and love? By reaching out right where we are at. So maybe our sphere of influence is a little smaller that his, that’s okay. There is so much we can do here from the corner of Polk and Illinois. Stop by Sacred Grounds and jump in. Together we can do amazing things to glorify God.

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